Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Unwelcome visitor to the household

Not relatives or salesmen, but rather the flu bug.

Yes we all are down with the flu bug again. I conked out 2 days last week with the flu bug, and now my gal is running a fever, my hubby is having a nasty sore throat and the helper is sniffing away.

This year is particularly bad, especially for me. I've lost count the number of medical leave I've taken for the past few months because of the flu bug.

I remembered the last time I was so prone to the flu bug was some 10 years ago. Even then, this takes the cake, for I was continuously down with flu for 3 months in a row then.

My gal has also been very healthy, and then this fever comes. I am worried that it may be UTI or the fake measles again. The PD did ask us to look out for rashes or ulcers in case of HFMD, so I am quite strung out. The initial results for the urine test came back with some blood in it, so now it's sent for culture test. I won't know if my gal is down with UTI until a few days later.

The last time she was warded in hospital was about 1 year ago =(