Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm pregnant!

I used a pregnancy test kit a few weeks back and the results window showed up with 1 strong line and 1 faint line. It's supposed to mean that I may be pregnant but I wasn't sure. According to the test kit instructions manual, it could be a false positive and I had to wait 3 days to do another pregnancy test.

Well, I didn't really "wait" for 3 days, I couldn't wait! I bought another test kit and tried it the next morning. Same thing, a 2nd faint line but stronger than the first. Called up the TCM clinic (where I bought the 2nd pregnancy kit from) and asked what does it mean. They were very confident that it meant I was pregnant and advised me to make an appointment immediately with my obgyn, Dr Y.

next morning, I called up the clinic and made an pointment. Dr Y made me do a blood test that was so PAINFUL that I yelped out in pain. I shared with him also my concerns that I was still experiencing the usual monthly lower abdomen tightness and soreness. He gave me some hormones to take - to help the embryo to adhere to the lining as well as to relieve the contractions.

The results came back the next day - the clinic called me and said the results were positive! Wow! On our first attempt too! So made another appointment to see the doctor next week for a follow up. Stay tuned for the drama to come!