Sunday, June 08, 2008


My girl has really taken to walking - now she will take our hands and pull us to where she wants to walk to. She can walk unassisted for quite a distance, although slightly unstable. Good thing, it's a tiring workout, so she sleeps pretty well in the evening.

Her first 4 molars (top and bottom) have sprouted - I've lost count of the number of teeth she has! Her appetite has dropped a little, refusing her usual porridge. So today, I made potato patties for her - a change in food presentation since she wants "adult" food and not baby food all the time. I'll post up the recipe in my other blog in a moment.

I'm just thankful she's quite happy brushing her teeth!

Sometimes I wish I could stay at home and watch her grow. I seem to be missing out on a lot. Been thinking about being a SAHM, but I doubt we can survive on my hubby's pay alone. He doesn't pay all that much for income tax, but he earns a decent living, much better than mine anyway. Been toying the idea of having a sideline to supplement the income, so that if I decide to be SAHM, we have some "fundings" in that sense. However, deep down, I'm a hopeless business person, so I guess I should just drop the idea.

Wonder how my boss will react to if I want to go 1/2 time. *sigh*