Sunday, July 18, 2010

tricycle and car

I went to buy the Little Tikes Smart Trike at a discounted price with the huggies points and it was EXPENSIVE. I mean, I would never pay that kind of price for the tricycle if it's at the original price, but even at the discounted price, I would never have bought it too. OK, so I am a sucker for sales, and I plonked down money when I normally wouldn't have... good thing is, #2 enjoys the bike!

It has 3 stages, but we fixed it at stage 1, where V and #2 can share the same configuration. We just remove the "body bar" so V can sit in comfortably too. #2 is all smiles when he gets to sit in it. My plan wants to bring them down in the evening for them to ride around the estate, but with the recent downpour (hehehe I don't hear the "once in 50 years" excuse anymore, and if anything, it has been strangely silent - perhaps it's time to stop blaming the skies, and get down to digging holes to hide their heads) the kids can only hop on at home, and they go from point a to b, within 3 meters.

When we went to the shop to get the trike (I was quite decided on the kitchen set until i saw the product), it was empty so the kids zoomed in to the toys. We had 3 of them riding the display sets of various cars and scooters and they were enjoying themselves, so much so that they didn't want to leave the toys behind. V kept bugging me for the car, but I told her we have it at home. She was quite puzzled and kept asking where it was. See, I had bought it for her 1st birthday and never assembled it ;P so yes it's at home, just tucked in a corner. I promised her I'll get it fixed. After assembling the trike, there is simply no space for her to ride the car at home! So it will have to go to my mum's house, and I can only transport it when the car is empty. So hopefully I will get down to it soon, else she may be 5 before I get around to assembling it :P


Elsie Button said...

yours kiddies sound the same age as mine. i hate all the assembly you have to do with their various modes of transport! i love the babble they start with you describe in your post before. Dolly, 15 months, babbles for england, i love it!