Saturday, April 19, 2008

Addicted ...

to making hair clips that is ...

I made 2 on Friday, when I came home at 10pm. Attacked my feather boa and it's now "recycled" to 2 hairclips instead. My gal wore one of the creations out this morning to Macdonalds at King Albert Park and I didn't really care if they thought I was a crazy mother to make my gal wear feathers in her hair early in the morning!

I wasn't quite pleased with the 2 designs. Something's lacking and my materials are not up to par either.

This afternoon I made another one and I just completed another during dinner. It's not too bad, but after this two, I'll move to another type of "bows" to try. Still had yet to get my proper materials, and of course it doesn't look pro, but I am actually enjoying myself. I hadn't enjoyed art & craft for a loonngg time, and I did remember the last "craze" was during my A levels and I was knitting sweater for the stuff toys. I guess the work stress had been slowly but steadily building up and this latest addiction is probably just an outlet to vent. I guess my hubby should be happy since I am not venting any frustrations on him.

Note to self: get a proper candle and matches.