Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hit by the flu bug

Thought my gal looked a little off in the previous 2 posts? You bet.

Monday - fever hovering about 38. Brought her to see PD, undetermined so brought some standby medication home.

Tuesday - seem better. So far so good.

Wednesday - sniffles and a slight cough

Thursday - SNIFFLES and COUGH - in CAPS because it was really BAD

Friday - the above plus she's going off her food and looked really listless.

Saturday - Saw the PD again, gave additional medication to deal with her symptoms. Still off food.

Sunday - She's still sick and so is the helper.

Monday - The helper has a really BAD cold. We did some of the housework so she could rest early with baby. I stayed up late to finish some work and wanted to carry Vanessa to my room so the helper could get some rest. The cheeky monkey woke up and refused to sleep till 3am, when the helper took over.

Today - A bit wonky so I took the morning off. Woke up early to cook porridge for baby and ourselves and played with Vanessa so that the helper could nap a little. After their naps, it's my turn! Napped for less than an hour and it's lunch, sent them off to my mum's place and then back to work.

Tired? I am ... but I need to destress. I'll read one of my favourite Terry Pratchett books I think.