Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Hairclip - DIY Felt Cover for Snap Clip

Ok, came back and felt inspired (or rather stressed) enough to do a quick felt cover for a snap clip and I documented it! Ya, I feel like a pro now, even though my handiworks probably beg to differ!


1 Snap clip
thread and needle
+ 1 marker and a pair of scissors


1. I started off by cutting 2 pieces of felt slight bigger than the clip. Mark an area about 3 mm away from the clip on the felt.

2. Trim the excess.

3. Place the clip on the felt and mark with 2 dots where the back prong begins.

4. Make a small snap about 3mm below the marking and slide the back prong through.

5. Centre the clip and snap tight.

6. Place the other piece of felt on top and using buttonhole stitches to stitch it together.

The final product!

Hope you will have as much fun as me making these!


Kaizer said...

the felt clip looks so cute! remember to reserve one for me!

muminthemaking said...

Kaizer: Sure! I'll remember to get some bright green felt when I go and buy new supplies!

Jane said...

haha okay. my mama will get me to wear them the next time we meet, hahaa ...