Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dead beat

That describes my week, starting from last Saturday to yesterday.

How bad? I was going to bed by 9pm, nursing a horrendous migraine that erupes promptly by 6:30pm each evening.


Well, it's that time of the YEAR, the "why" students are mugging madly for the past few months/weeks/ days. Since I have to deal with the logistics, it's literally living by the Murphy's Law.

I'm just so glad I had today to rest and to spend time with my gal. I had to go to work early too, so I didn't have much interaction with her for these few days.

Today I made up for it by
1) bugging the Hubby to wake up early so we could go to the Botanical Gardens for breakfast. My gal already had her breakfast, 1 thawed blueberry pancake (yup from Sunday's breakfast - see the other blog I keep), but she was obviously gamed for more! We had breakfast at the Cafe Les Amis and from our plates she had:
i) 1/8 of a toast with strawberry jam
ii) 1/8 of a ham and mushroom omelette
iii) 1/8 of a hash brown
iv) 1/8 of crossant

We took the leftover piece of toast to the pond and fed the fish with it. Shared 1/4 of the toast with 2 boys who were watching everyone else feed the fish. My gal still can't throw the bread, but she enjoyed watching the crumb roll from her hand and eventually landing in the pond. We also blew some bubbles and I stopped when I ran out of breath!

2) Had a lazy lunch at my mum shortly after, my aunt and cousin was there so the kids were having fun. However, my gal was knocked out, so by the time she was awake and ready to play, we were ready to go home! She clinged on to my ma-jie and waved bye bye to us!

3) By 2pm, I was ready to plonk into bed and nap, but she started fussing and took her swimming cap and her bikini top to my maid. While my helper fed her corn and potato with pork stew, I was again breathless trying to blow up her float! By 3pm, everyone was suited into the correct attire and off we went to the pool. Thankfully it wasn't very crowded and we had fun. Initially she was scared and started wailing. She clung onto the front of the float for dear life! But after the initial few minutes, she was OK, and started splashing waters with her hands.

4) I'm ready to wind down and have a good rest after this blog. Dinner will have to be bought!
Enjoy the pics!