Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An old friend, not quite forgotten

We've weaned my girl off her beloved pacificers, for close to a month already. She can sleep without them, but she takes a longer time to fall asleep.

Initially, she would wake up in the middle of the night, and then dig through all the pillows and blankets to search for them. Only once, did she find a rouge pacifier, that was long lost in the pile of pillows on the bed. She promptly plugged her mouth with it, and refused to give it up. So we dug through everything on the bed, and cleared every nook and corner, to make sure there's no more pacificer hiding in the midst.

Recently, she was playing in my room, and I had her pacifier on my bedside table which I had forgotten to clear. She promptly grabbed it and I had to wrestle it from her, since it's probably been there for a month, gathering the dust! I washed it and then showed it to her, by putting it between my mouth. She would normally just lean forward and chomp on it, but no, she grabbed it forcefully from my hands, lovingly fondle it and the promptly stuck into her mouth. This time, she refused to give it up, and I couldn't fight her force of suction! I waited till she was asleep before I removed it and then we hid it all away.

She still misses it, because since then, when she awakes in the middle of the night, she would dig through all the pillows in vain, searching for her long lost friend.

I'm actually inclined to give it back to her, since it's obvious she still misses it. However, the habit has to be broken, so our resolve has to be made from steel.

*haiz* Not easy being a mummy ...