Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Update:

on V #1

Her first chinese words - bu yao! haiz ... why why why!! her first word is no for english, mm aoil in cantonese and now bu yao in chinese ... faint ah!

She also surprised me today ... she went swimming with papa today and i went down to provide greet and meet service when they finish ... she told me "l* y* e*" i was like ... wah ... u can say ur name in chinese! i asked papa if he was the one who taught her, he said no ...

on V #2

He's sitting on some nerves that basically makes my legs go numb and crampy ... I'm also suffering from loose stools from the course of antibotics ... it's really not very comfy ... i think we have more or less decided on Valentino's name. I will just give my hubby 2 choices for the chinese and then let him make the final call for his english name.

OK got to go ... tummy's a rumbling again!