Thursday, June 11, 2009

self praise is no praise!

Went to see Dr FY last week to check on Valentino's week 35 progress - he gained 1 kg over 3 weeks, so my durian diet did work. My guess is that he will be at the same weight as V when she was born, which I thought was a decent weight, so I'm not too worried, as long as he's active it's good.

When we were doing the ultrascan, Dr FY remarked that my previous C-section scar was very neat and well hidden. I retorted "Wah! Praising yourself???" He went "No lah, the real test is when you wear bikini and no one can see the scar" I replied "Yes lah, your skills very good, everyone praising your stitches very nice and neat, the nicest they have seen. Besides now wear bikini, my tummy so big, also cannot see anything!" Dr FY ".... *haiz*"

Anyway, it's true, his skills at stitching is very good. If you recall that embarassing incident that I had to pay the GP $20 to verify that it was indeed my C-section scar, and no 2 flaps of skin glued together by the remnants of the bandage glue, that should indicate how good his stitching is :P