Saturday, May 22, 2010

and al it took was ...

2 gummy bears (vitamin gummy bears) to be exact.

V threw a tantrum with the hubby last night and refused to allow him to switch off the bedroom light. The hubby was tired and sleepy as it was the tail end of his required yearly duty to the govt and he wanted to sleep. Me? I was blissfully hiding in the shower when the "discussion" went off.

In the end, V cried and shouted when he refused to give in and switched off the lights. The hubby gave her an ultimatum to stay in the bedroom or stay outside of the bedroom. Well, she choose outside when she saw me sneaking out the laundry from the bathroom. She followed me to the backyard, crying that she wants the lights to be on, yadah yadah for at least 5 minutes. I tried distracting her with her new blinking LED toothbrush and toys but it didn't work. In the end, I spied my Karihome goat milk sweets on the table and offered one to her if she would stop crying. She stopped crying almost immediately and agreed. She picked the white one and then went "I want 2!" Then I thought about it and went, how about the gummy bears? She immediately threw the sweets back into the can and smiled. The change was almost instantenously and start chatting to me about how red the gummy bears were and etc etc. We went into the bedroom and she had her milk happily. She even went "wo ai ni baba mama" "wan an" "zo tao" and "bon noo la la mi" (bon nuit mon ami). It took her almost 30 minutes before she fell asleep and I snuck out to do some household chores.

It's been a long long 2 weeks, at least to me (well, yes, including my birthday, but it was seriously a utter non-event, although it was quite eventful).

Let me see ... some of the events...

1. Maid went home to attend a funeral, back next week.
2. Hubby started his annual obligation to the govt, just ended on Friday.
3. The kids' paternal great grandfather passed away the week before last.
4. V had loose stools over a week and mysterious rashes on her hands and arms. Thankfully not HFMD!

Weekends were burnt needless to say so I didn't really get a chance to rest over the weekends ... went to work really exhausted and it's like a 7 day work week.

There were bright sparks too ... V has started voluntarily speak chinese to me. The other day, she pointed to the banana and said something. I couldn't quite catch it and made her repeat. It sounded like gibberish until I realised she was speaking chinese! She said "我要这个".

Good, at least I don;t have to worry about her chinese now!