Saturday, May 08, 2010

Don't call me Jiejie!

V has this irritating habit lately - don't call me XXX, I am YYY, and the variation can change almost instantly. For eg,

Mummy: Good morning, sweetheart.
V: Don't call me sweetheart, I am baby.
Mummy: Good morning baby then.
V: Don't call me baby, I am Jiejie!
Mummy: Fine, good morning jiejie.
V: Don't call me jiejie, I am baby!

Then very recently, this was added to the variation.
V: Don't call me jiejie, I am TEACHER!

and when I was assigned to be the "STUDENT", I couldn't stop giggling.

My favourite "TEACHER"'s phrase:
"Don't look at your toes, TEACHER is not there."