Saturday, May 05, 2007

What a week ... (cont'd)

Friday night - we discovered to our horror, when trying to print our girl's chinese name, her actual characters mean "a reflection of (a chemical compound)". I just want to scream my head off. I was so FREAKING PISSED!!!!!! The stupid &*$^%)@(&%@(*&#^ centre!

What's wrong with the given name?
1) the character 映 is pronounced is ying4, not ying3. They wrote it down as ying3. We discovered it because we were searching for it and nothing came as as ying3. So we inserted the character and it popped up as ying4. The dictionary does not list this character as having 2 variations, so it cannot be pronounced as ying3 or ying4. It has to be ying4.

2) The character 蒽 does not = to 恩. It is in fact a name of a chemical compound! And I distinctively remembered the lady at the centre saying, "see got 恩 in the name, as requested". I certainly didn't asked for my girl to be named as a reflection of any chemical compound!

Went to bed, really super super duper duper low morale - what kind of name have I given my daughter! And what's more, with our lousy chinese knowledge, how are we going to replace the name with the same sound but better meaning? The 恩 can remain, but the ying how? The only ying3 we can find is 影 which means shadow, not very particularly meaningful here either. *sigh*

Saturday - got up early to pump milk at 5, by the time I ended it, it was 7 plus. Why? Apparently one of the valve for the pump broke, and so it couldn't work. I was so frustrated I couldn't have any letdown and so the milk flow was VERY VERY VERY slow. Amount was decent though, slightly over 100ml. Went to look after the baby after that so the maid could do her other chores as well. After a while, I got the hubby to get up so I could take a rest. In the end, I made a call to my sister in USA to tell her about my week, and asking how she's coping since she'll be returning to work this coming week. I also complained to her about the name, and she went to fetch her chinese dictionary and so we were discussing about the names and options. My sister found the perfect ying3 for us, among the few choices we had, and so we picked that. I'm not going to count the number of strokes or ask any shifu to look at the name. I had enough of such crap. Her new name stays, and that's it. The parking situation at the ICA is a different matter - but eventually I got my parking lot, although I sweared a little at this "tai tai". So what if she's driving a BMW, her car is SO DIRTY. *hmph* Anyway, the other good news for the day is that the sore spot is less painful and not so swollen anymore. Thank God for small mercies. Note to self: Trust in God.