Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The agony of blocked ducts

It's the same one I had yesterday, which my girl kindly cleared for me this morning by latching on and patiently sucking for 19 minutes. Then the next round, it's blocked again! No matter how many rounds of pumping, hot towel massage, cold compress and latching on, it simply refused to go away and simply grew bigger, sorer and harder like a very angry pimple on a very oily face.

So I took my syringe and started to clear the nipple area, and then - my syringe broke!!!! I had to bear with the agony for another few hours, waiting for the hubby to return so we could go and buy a new syringe from the pharmacy. So we had our dinner, and I decided to have a quick pump first. I managed only to clear half of the lump, but still, it simply refuses to go away, despite my pleading and my massaging. The hubby reminded me that I should still have 1 spare syringe and he was right! He fetched it for me and I started the clearing and tested with a quick pump. Nope, so back to a second round of clearing and suddenly a stream just shot out! I quickly grab my pump and starting pumping again, and that lump was cleared within 2 minutes. What a sweet relief! Not to mention, that lump alone was containing 40ml of milk out of the 100ml I expressed during the session. I am NOT kidding.

I had just changed my bed sheet today, but it's worth it having my breast milk sprayed all over it as long as that duct is cleared! *phew*

psst: the syringe is without the needle, just the tube and the plug.