Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My girl learns how to play!

... with the toys hanging from the bouncer bar!

Today we were busy packing up and cleaning out the kitchen and my girl wanted some attention. So I put her on the bouncer and took her hand to hit the toy with the rattler. She looks rather amused but just continued to stared at me. I guess she wanted me to play with her so I played with her a little while and then left her in the bouncer while we cleaned the kitchen (keeping a watchful eye on her). After 10 minutes later, she got bored and cried for attention, so we coo-ed and patted her to sleep.

Later on, after she had her milk, she didn't want to sleep - but we haven't had lunch and were hungry (it was close to 3pm). So the maid put on the bouncer and left the "car seat motion simulator" on (which basically just the bouncer vibrating like a very gentle massage chair). So we were tucking into our lunch (instant noodles) and my maid said, "Look! She's playing with the toy!" True enough, she was using her hand to hit the toy (the one I was playing with earlier). I was so elated - but sad at the same time. My girl is learning things so quickly, and she's doing so many things for the first time on her own. Once I start working again, I'll miss so many of these little "first"s.

I know it's no big deal to some - for me, it is. Every time she does something new and I don't get to share it with her, I feel an stab of envy and regret, "Why wasn't I there to witness it?" She's was no piece of cake (conceiving her and carrying her in my womb to birth), so I treasure every surprises she has in store for me.

She has shown me that I have patience I never knew I had, and for that, my 2 dogs should be very thankful to her.