Saturday, July 12, 2008

4 new clips and 1 burnt thumb

I decided to do my gal's headband finally, with an orange daisy that I had actually bought like ... 6 MONTHS AGO!

Yah, I was procrastinating for a really long time, but since it is literally gathering dust, I decided to "JUST DO IT!"

It took me over 30 minutes to complete it though, because what I tried to do initially didn't quite worked out and I ripped it out. The second attempt was better but it was so hard to push the needle through the material so I had to sew with the help of the floor. I would position the needle and then place the eye of the needle against the floor and push it through. Not the best way, but it works for me.

Since I had to use the hot glue gun to fix the "diamond" onto the daisy, I decided to make some hair clips as well. It wasn't really quite my day, I forgot how to fix the ribbons unto the alligator clip, and this attempt was so messy. As I was fixing a seemingly easy clip, a white silk rose, I burnt my finger. I squeeze more glue than I had intended and I was pressing some beads against it and it got stuck unto my thumb - I yelled out so loud that my hubby got a scare. I ran cold water over the thumb and peeled off the glue. It was sore for a little while, but it's better now. Thankfully the remaining 3 went without much problem.

No pic of the hairband or my burnt thumb though ...

The 2 at the bottom was made when I first got hold of the ribbons, clips and the hot glue gun.