Tuesday, July 01, 2008


If you recalled some time ago, I wrote about my girl being able to sign for her milk. I haven't taught her any other signs after that, but recently on and off, I did sign "bom bom" to her which means bath time.

One evening, as the helper was preparing her bath water and I was playing with her in the bedroom, she was in a hurry to get out from the room. Then I asking her if she wanted to play with the bear (she knows it's called sweetheart!) and she signed "bom bom". I was quite surprised since I didn't consistently signed it to her. So she does know a lot more things than I had expected, so time to watch what I say.

About the signing, I'm not following any standards, I'm vaguely remember watching some online clips about signing and I adopted some of the signs (I'm not sure what they stood for) as I felt it was probably easier for her to sign. You could try with your kids, just make sure it's the same sign each time (do differentiate between water and milk though), and see if they will do it to you!

How I know the bear is called sweetheart? I sat her on the bed and said, "Let's say hello to Sweetheart!" She turned and crawled towards Sweetheart and plucked her from her corner, before passing me the bear.

It's nice to know she's a lot more smarter than I thought, BUT it also means she's growing up really, really fast. And how much am I actually missing out?