Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some names not to name your child if ...

Anne Chang (Mandarin) - Dirty

Anne Chin (Mandarin) - Keep quiet

Faye Chen (Mandarin) - Dusty

Faye Choo (Mandarin) - Fat Pig

Carl Cheng (Hokkien) - Buttocks

Monica Cheng (Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow (Hokkien) - You are dead

Jane Tan (Mandarin) - Frying eggs

Suzie Leow (Hokkien) - Lost till death

Henry Mah (Mandarin) - Hate your mum

Corrine Tai (Hokkien) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan (Mandarin) - Bankrupt

Nelson Tan (Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs

Leslie Tong (Mandarin) - Rubbish bin

Carmen Tng (Hokkien) - Leg hair long

Connie Mah (Cantonese) - Call your mother

Danny See (Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death

Rosie Teng (Hokkien) - Screws and nails

Pete Tsai (Hokkien) - Nose droppings

Macy Koh (Cantonese) - Never die before

Lim Yew Lin (Hokkien) - Drink urine

Lim Teh Peng (Hokkien) - Drink iced tea

When I read the list, I burst out laughing. I can understand most of it since I understand Cantonese and Mandarin, but some of the Hokkien ones, I cannot understand. I have this to add though, because one guy had this name and I was "stunned"

Ho Chee Sin (Cantonese) - Very crazy

My favourite of the lot? Monica Cheng