Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jab + Jab

Thankfully my girl didn't catch the flu bug from me - she seems quite immune to the bug that's been passing among some family members.

She's due for her jab today but I forgot what jab anyway :P Turns out she's due for her pneumococcal (whatever!), chickenpox plus MMR.

I asked if I could postpone the MMR, and the PD (Dr Lee - Dr Tan is again unavail due to his scheduling and we wanted to move the appointment forward to the morning) did some basic checks. She is choosing to ignore when spoken to, and she is willing only to acknowledge her daddy. Then oops, realise she's supposed to know the basic shapes by now (never really got around to "teaching" her) so she's not really responding very well. The PD advised to push MMR to 2 years old and to continue monitoring her progress. No more TV for her!

Vanessa's not too happy with the jabs this morning - she cried when she got the first jab. The second jab, her mouth was open, but no sound, until like 5 seconds later with the tears rolling down. Thankfully I'm the mummy to the rescue and her bad daddy was the one who tricked her to get jabbed :P

A distraction of her favourite cheerios was all it took to quieten her down.

Oh. her weight today? 11.6kg @ 15 months and 12 days old.