Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fist of the Cat Mountain Durian

I've been craving for durians lately, and since it's the peak season for durians, wherever I go, I SMELL it - stale or fresh, my nose can pick up its scent, no matter how faint it is.

For this week alone, I ate durians 3 times.

1) The durian stall at Dempsey Road carpark - FAIL FAIL FAIL. I paid like $10 per KG and i spent in total $32 for 2 durians which were not fully riped (parts of it wee hard). The second replacement durian was the same (we had to pay for the other half since they replace by weight of the durian seeds returned). I was so disappointed.

2) I spent $20 on durians from the Giant supermarket at IMM. FAIL. *haiz*

The quest goes on ...

3) At the recommendation of my hubby's friend, we hunt down this stall at Queen's Street. Apparently it was featured in the local newspaper recently but I didn't really pay attention to it.
The 4 of us had a total of 5 durians, and the cost as follows:

1 X Butter Durian $8
1 X D24 Durian $8
1 X D24 Durian $5

I paid $20 for them. The $8 D24 durian was not spectacular but the $5 D24 and the $8 Butter was GOOODDDDD. I was raring for more and so we got the following:

1 X Butter $8 - 1/2 of the durian was slightly unripe, they exchange 1 whole durian for us without any questions!
1 X Mao Shan $8 per kg, our durian was $13 - this was SO GOOD. It's the best $13 I ever spent on a durian and I know why it's the king of durians. After eating this, I cannot taste the flavours of the other durians!

I ate to my heart's content and I was so pleased ... I am thinking of going another round this saturday!


Anonymous said...

best!! nufin makes a blog betta than readin a lewlian critique! next time i come back, i know who to look for!