Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dominos effect

My nephew sick -> my niece sick -> my mum sick -> I sick -> my helper sick

*haiz* today took time off in the morning to do some housework and then rushed off to work. Then I time off after lunch to come back to look after my girl as the hubby has to go back to camp.

My girl was pretty restless and only napped for a short while before she woke up again. She didn't take her morning nap so we were hoping she would be knocked out and sleep longer in the afternoon. Fat hope. So in the end, I brought her out, BY MYSELF. To be honest, I was very worried and scared, but she cooperated. Anyway, she was JUST WAITING TO GO OUT. I changed and as soon as she saw me, she went to the corner and dragged out her diaper/ going out bag! Then I was busy packing my stuff, since I was trying to minimise the bags I had to carry, she was complaining! She would walk to the lobby, walk to my room and make some noise. She was going to and fro until I finished packing and went to wear my shoes in the lobby. Then, I remembered my wallet and walked out again, she actually went "NNNNGGGGGG" loudly to show her impatience.

In the end, we arrived safely with all my wits intact and just zoomed her around in her stroller. Met up with a friend for tea and V put on her best behaviour. She also manga-ed my friend by taking a piece of waffle and giving it to her. She wanted my friend to feed her!

We went shopping by ourselves after that - It was relatively smooth, and she didn't do a poop job on me.

I guess I could start venturing out on my own with her =) The cab fares cost me a bit though ...