Thursday, December 18, 2008

Halloween pictures

The place where we stayed had a Halloween party, so I thought we could be creative and save some $$ and make our own costumes for the kids.

1. Asher's costume were bought, it's probably the best thing we did.

2. Anjanette and Vanessa had similar costume, which were made by a FEW people. My sister, my brother, my mum and my aunt all chipped in. I just bought the materials :P Next time, I'm just buying the costumes. not going to make it - just not within my abilities. I'll just stick to hairclips :P

Miss Pumpkin Fairy sitting pretty next to a handsome magenta bear

The 2 sword fanatics (including one baby pumpkin fairy which isn't technically supposed to like swords?)

The 3 muskeeters

The handsome pirate and 2 pretty pumpkin fairies