Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Cardbox House

Allo! Do you want to join me for some yummy baby rusks?

Sitting pretty in my cardbox house that mummy made for me! But I spoilt the table twice already =( mummy hasn't fixed it back for me. I think she's too busy with her work.

This is how the interior looks like without the accessories. Mummy used masking tape to tape all the cut edges so that I won't accidentally cut myself. She says paper cuts can be lethal too (you can guess which line she works in).

Box: $10
Foam flowers/ bugs: $2
Masking Tape: $2


Keira Ang said...

loved what you did with the box! ultra cool man :)

Pudgy Mummy said...

It's a beautiful house. Very creative!

muminthemaking said...

credits for inspiration goes to:

Unfortunately I don't have the space required for the castle, so I'll just have to make do with a tiny house.

check out the creations they have, it's fantastic! especially the pumpkin carriage!