Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teething problems

Yup, her second molars are causing us pain!

She has been really, really cranky for the past few days, and in one
of her slight better mood period when she was having her diaper
changed, I asked her if she's teething. She NODDED! I asked her if she
knew what teething meant, she nodded yet again. I asked again, "So....
you are really teething?" She nodded once again.

I'm still not sure if she knew what I was asking, but she sure was in
a nodding mood, compare to her "shake head first then decide later"

She let us checked her mouth for a mere 3 seconds before she clamped
it shut again. We spotted the telltale signs of the swollen red patch
behind her bottom first molar. In fact, I thought I saw a whitish
round thing under the gums.

Needless to say, her appetite and naps are all over the place, plus
the fact she's ultra cranky and whiny. I think we are in a rough ride
for a month or so :P