Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY Lion Dance

One of my neighbours splurged on the CNY Lion Dance - he invited them to perform at his place today - there were a total of 6 lions and 1 dragon! Wow, I wonder how much he spent on it!

V refused to go downstairs so I brought #2 down to the garden ... once the "noise" started, I immediately covered his ears and he was ok. But when I tried removing my hands, he burst into tears and clung on to me like a koala bear. V came down with daddy shortly after and she also clung on to him - refusing to walk on her own. I moved further away, at the fringe of the area and the noise was slightly more bearable. #2 was quite fascinated since there were lots of bright colours (red and gold), and there were also lots of other kids running around.

Well, here's wishing everyone a Prosperous and Peaceful Chinese New Year!