Saturday, February 06, 2010

hello ... kitty cakes!

For the hubby's 3Xth birthday (he claims to be forever 21 - even alan tam had more modesty, he only claimed to be always 25), I booked a parent and child baking session so that V can bake a birthday cake together with him for him. The clincher was that it would be a hello kitty cake for this session, so I couldn't resist, I added myself to the class to.

We were running late as I had to be at work this morning. Anyway, the other parent and child attendees were nice enough to wait for us, so everyone started together. There were only 5 of us plus 1 instructor so it was nice and cosy.

It took V a little while to warm up but she was soon doing little tasks (like measuring the flour and breaking the eggs - with help of course). She got so comfortable that she found a little space to sit while watching her daddy mixing the cake batter with the electric mixer. The hubby was pretty good at it, I was actually impressed ... given that his non-interest in all the baking activities at home (other than to eat the final product).

We had to wait while the cakes were baking in the oven, and we got to prepare the decorating cream. They used this whipping cream (the carton type, not the dairy cream type) and added colouring to it. Then we had to wait another 20 mins or so before the cake was done. Since we had to pipe the cake with minimal cooking time, the cream kinda melted a little.

Still, it didn't distract us from the taste, the cake is actually VERY yummy. V actually finished her share! I'll post up the pics once I download it ... we still have 2 in the fridge but we will bring one to my mum's place tomorrow so the other kids will get to enjoy it too.

I think the hubby enjoyed the session. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he gave a non-committal shrug. Then I asked if he wants to come again, he said we can do it at home. Sounds promising =)