Sunday, November 26, 2006

My first thanksgiving feast

Hubby and I decided to indulge in a bit of feasting when we chanced upon the Marriot's Christmas brochure. We were trying to decide between the Thanksgiving and Christmas buffet, but the deciding factor was quite obvious. The Thanksgiving buffet was supposed to offer yummy dishes that I can eat - baby shelled lobster and cajun lamb, versus fresh oyster which I love.

Ah well - such is the little sacrifices I have to make for the little one inside me.

Anyway, ours was the post Thanksgiving buffet, since we went on the Saturday lunch buffet (Thanksgiving was on thursday - every last thursday of November). We did a little shopping and managed to get gifts for 2 male members for the family, achieving a 90% completion rate for the Christmas present buying! Then we strolled over to the hotel lobby, got our seats and waited for the buffet to start. To my lovely surprised, the waitress gave me a cushion for my back! I was so impressed! She came by a few times to check on us, and obviously she's a familiar face to the guest of hotel since she took trouble to greet quite a number of them although she wasn't serving their table. Just because of her service, it made the dining experience a truly wonderful one for me. Her name is Maidusrah I think, I was trying to stare at her name tag, but my eyesight is not as good as it used to be ;P

Anyway back to the buffet - the baby lobster and the cajun lamb was definitely missing *sigh* In it's place is cold prawns and roast beef. I think I ate about 12 to 16 prawns, very happily, since I didn't get any of the usual allergic reactions! I had 1 slice of the roast beef, which they kindly browned it for me (it was very pink) and it was simply delicious. The rest of the food - pretty decent fare, plus the usual great desserts they have. The cauliflower and corn soup (cream of) was a letdown though - bland and tasteless. Overall, a very satisfying lunch, accompanied by the BEST service I had in a LOOOONNNGGG while. Certainly the money paid for the buffet was well spent, since most of the time I hardly think I ate enough or the service gotten was worth the price. Maybe being pregnant isn't all that sucky afterall!

Er, just how much I ate? Enough not to eat dinner, and not to go to bed hungry ;P