Friday, December 15, 2006

Green eye monster rearing its ugly head

I'm not particularly a possessive person, not an insecure one.
However, with the hormones raging and the bloating of the bump and feet starts, insecurity and emotionally neediness starts to creep in. My hubby may be changing boss and it's going to be a female one. I've seen her picture and she's quite pretty - I would say a few years older than us both at most. So i asked him, "Aren't you worried I may get jealous?" He looked surprised and asked "Why? She's married and she even remembers who you are?" "Well, you know, they always show on TV and movies, happily married people can have affairs with colleagues and superiors too!" HE LAUGHED and exclaimed," You watch too much TV!" *GRRRRR*
*sigh* But I'm growing bigger by the day, my feet and ankles look like pig trotters and I look haggard most of the times - would he get sick of me and look to some greener pastures? I guess the temptation is always out there and I should be trusting him - but like I said, with the hormones raging and the percieved ugliness factor of pregnancy sets in (I'm definitely not some glam mum to be), it's hard to feel on top of the world and confident.
Well I must say I'm not totally at fault - he's not giving me enough attention or TLC. Like I was telling someone, the baby will probably be closer to my dogs than him!