Monday, February 26, 2007

10 little swollen digits

These days, the swollen legs and the backaches don't bother me as much as my 10 little swollen digits - I wake up every morning to the humming of pain in my swollen fingers and palm (I removed my wedding band long time ago) and it's so bad that:
  1. I cannot clench my hand into a fist - it's way to painful to even curl the fingers towards the palm
  2. I cannot grip the door knob - any application of pressure hurts
  3. I can't wash my hair using my fingers since I cannot curl them - I use my palms to rub the shampoo in
  4. Gripping the toothbrush to do the deed is a painful affair to - so now I resolve to just gargle in the mornings with mouthwash and to thoroughly brush my teeth before I sleep (no more in between Milo!)

I tried doing some research as to how to reduce the pain and the swelling and some of which I came across were - soaking the hands (whatever apply to the feet should apply to the hands right?) in warm water (with added bath salts), massage (yoohooo hubby do you read this??), and placing the hands above the head (I tried, but how long can I hold it up? Not unless i handcuff myself!). Even typing on the keyboard is getting bothersome, but it is still manageable for now. However, using a pen or pencil to write, it's still a pretty painful affair.

In fact, I even noticed that the swollen areas on my feet, even if it's not swollen when touched, any slight pressure applied hurts too. I missed my foot massage this week and I hope I won't miss it the coming week! I really need the massages to keep my digits and limbs working with little pain/ ache as much as possible until the little one pops up!

In the meanwhile, I guess the soaking in warm water with added bath salt should be the best option for now - I only have a few more weeks to go ...