Wednesday, February 21, 2007

State of the Hospital Bag

Let's take a look at how ready I am to dash off to the hospital if the baby decides to come early:

  1. Hospital Notes - none (probably won't be doing one)
  2. Birth Plan - in progress!
  3. Nightgowns (Preferably the type you can unbutton in front of easy breastfeeding) - checked!
  4. Maternity bras - checked!
  5. Bra pads - checked!
  6. Maternity sanitary pads - checked!
  7. Small plastic bags for soiled stuff (personal hygiene) - to note
  8. Bedroom Slippers - er I only have one side, the other side is still MIA :P
  9. Nipple Cream - checked!
  10. Dark coloured towel - checked!
  11. Comfortable briefs or disposable underwear -checked!
  12. Clothes for when leaving the hospital - to note
  13. Favourite toiletries - checked! (except for toothbrush and toothpaste though ...)

8 out of 12 items isn't all too bad I guess - but I'm still working 1 item, and the other 3 items can be easily resolved, so I guess I am almost ready! Now to remember for the other 2 lists ;P when I get down to it ...