Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things to do

  1. Complete packing the hospital bag - ok this is a must do! hubby's friend just gave birth today and they had not packed their hospital bag yet (was due for C-section on the coming monday)
  2. To clean out the maid's room and get in new furniture for her - time to go shopping at Ikea!
  3. To clean out the nursery room and put up the cutesy pictures I bought - note to self: buy glue and frame for the pooh's jigsaw puzzle
  4. To disassemble cot and reassemble cot when nursery is cleaned out
  5. Buy furniture for nursery - mainly drawers and changing pad (white!) - Ikea too!
  6. To complete birth plan - to include some other minor details that I think should not be left to my hubby in case I get conked out on the epidural
  7. Wash and sort out hand-me-downs baby clothes - 80% done! Soaked the whites and pastels and managed to get most of the stains out, left the other 20% coloured clothings to wash, will try to do so by this weekend
  8. Clean out closet and donate old clothes to Salvation Army - must remember to be "cruel" to my clothes and if the hubby's still not doing it, to clean out his clothes anyway
  9. Clean out expired stuff in fridge and around the house - should I wait for the maid to do this? ;P
  10. Scan baby's pictures - before the hubby says,"But you kept them right?"
  11. *ermmmmm*