Sunday, April 01, 2007

Aching body ...

I went for pre-natal massage yesterday at Goldwellness and my body is aching today =(

Not the bad sort, but the feeling that all the knots and lumps are being all "dissolved". Yesterday, after the massage, I felt so much lighter already! The lady who did it for me, most probably the owner of the place, Rose, was telling me about the various "underlying" muscles that will be used during the birth and she needed to get those muscles to relax, so that they can "stretch" as required. So my butt is hurting like mad - probably put a heat pack later to soothe and to further relax the sore muscles.

I also booked my post-natal massage package - a series of 8 sessions at my place. I doubt the massages will be the soothing type, but anything to get my body back in shape quickly! I am not a rich nor celebrity mum, so 1) no slimming centres will want to sponsor me 2) I cannot afford a personal trainer to whip me back in shape (actually I doubt I would even opt for this!).

I'm seriously considering the option of having a C-section instead of having a natural birth. I'm scared - scared like a baby rabbit confronted by a hungry predator! Besides my BP is still relatively on the border line, although I've been a good girl and taking my medication regularly. Well, work related stress is another thing, but as it is, I'm already closing one eye and to remind my colleagues what to look out for (if they do encounter the same crap as I do).