Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A visit to the PD

Today brought baby down for a visit to the PD - was worried about her increasing regurgitation of milk and the occasional "phlegmy" stuff coming out with the milk.

The PD (Dr Tan) explained the difference between vomitting and regurgitation and what I need to look out for. Overall, he was very satisfied with her progress and the weight gain (apparently she gained 800g since she was discharged). About cutting the feeds to 80ml, he said it was correct, since she wasn't able to hold 100ml down.

So, I felt pretty happy and relieved, although she did do a "merlion" on me after her second bf session *sigh*


Meihua said...

Care to share what is the difference between vomitting and regurgitation and what should mummies look out for? Thanks.

muminthemaking said...

Signs that your child is vomitting and not regurgitation:

1) Baby uses force to vomit, like in adult. The motion that gags, then baby is in obvious distress and uses force to vomit.

2) If the spilling of milk is effortless, just coming out without any obvious force or discomfort by the baby, it's regurgitation (think of the merlion).

3) If the vomit is GREEN, please bring baby to see PD IMMEDIATELY.

That's all I could remember as the important points =)

muminthemaking said...

er I meant to say if the mucus in the vomit is green, then see the PD.

If the mucus is clear, then it's partially digested milk, so it's ok, nothing to worry about.