Thursday, April 12, 2007

Breastfeeding 101

Finding a good pre-natal therapist who does body and breast massage is important. Trust me, the breast massage is VERY important, else you will suffer the same fate as me.

Since I missed out on the breast massage before giving birth, I had the good fortune to meet this lady therapist, Rose JUST 4 days before giving birth. I wanted to book for my post-natal treatment but she suggested I go down and try her pre-natal massage (apparently they do it right up to before birth! WHY I SUFFER ALL THE ACHES FOR NOTHING! If only I had known earlier *sob*). So I did, and she commented that I am bound to suffer from breast engorgement. She also said I could look for her for help if I cannot massage out the lumps (blockages) myself (she taught me the massage technique).

True enough, I had the nasty experience in TMC, so I came home, SMSed Rose, and managed to get her to come to my place for the massage. I had in all 3 sessions.

1st session was PAIN PAIN PAIN, but the lumps were partially gone by the next day, only left one big one on each side.

2nd session was PAIN PAIN PAIN, but the most of lumps were GONE by the next day, and she cleared some of the milk ducts for me.

By the 3rd session, my breasts are still sore, but my milk production shot up too. By how much? In total, since the last feed at 11pm last night, this morning, my milk production is 170ml on top of breastfeeding. Happy? You bet, and I was fretting that I wouldn't have enough milk for her! I'll pump more later after the feeds, so that I can top up the 170ml - just need another 70ml to make it for 3 feeds.

FYI also, I'm only breastfeeding from my right breast, since the left nipple is too sore to feed. Yes, I still have some left to express from the right breast after feeding. Funny thing though, the baby seems to know that I'm not feeding with the left breast so she keeps eyeing it. So I've been tricking her by first using the football hold, then the cradle (?) hold to feed and she seems quite satisfied so far, thankfully!

For a first time mother, who needed help with the feeding from the Hubby, the nurses and 6 pillows initially, I think I'm doing quite a decent job so far - although I still request help from the Hubby to burp her while changing positions or breasts sometimes. And thankfully, there is Rose to persuade the breasts to do their jobs too!


Meihua said...

Luckily you found this lady to help. Do share her contact in case I may need it in future. - ) tks!

muminthemaking said...

ok dokey - i'll post it up in my next post sometime soon =)