Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Drop by Drop ...

The bad thing about using twin pumps? I can't do much except to watch the drops of milk filling up the container.

With a single pump, I could 1) read a book/ magazine 2) play games on my handphone 3) SMS or call using my handphone 4) well whatever I can do with 1 free hand

The good thing? It's over in 15 minutes flat for both sides, especially when I'm tired and I just want to get it over and done with.

Baby latched on pretty well today for her 6pm feed, although *hmph* she was interested in playing rather than drinking. At least she didn't puke all over me today, and she was hungry within 1 hour again. Anyway, gave her a 40ml feed instead since I don't want her to puke later on. For reassurance, I got the confinement lady sitting next to me when I was breastfeeding, in case I couldn't handle her. It worked, since the confinement lady helped me to burp her in between nursing, and I wasn't so stressed.

HOWEVER, the thing that will be stressful is that the confinement lady will be gone in a week's time. Not sure if the maid and I can handle her, I'm sure I'll probably end up crying everyday. Alternatively, execute the backup plan, but we will need to see how it goes ...