Monday, April 23, 2007

Update on milk production for 23 april 2007

Ok I admit it, I'm obsessed. Even my confinement lady thinks so. She keeps trying to tell me it's ok to give formula milk but I think it's because baby is asking for a feed every 2 hours or so ;P

Anyway so far so good, seems to be on track. I pumped another 110ml after the massage so I'm happy that my production is on schedule. I'm even happier that my breasts doesn't have rocks in them.

Still waiting for my Ameda pumps though ...

To date:
6.30am - 200ml
10.30am - 110ml
1.15pm - 110ml
3.30pm - 80ml
6.00pm - breastfed, and she threw up over 20ml of milk! She realised eventually it wasn't the bottle, so she had to stop drinking on her own.
7.00pm - pumped 40ml out
10.00pm - 70ml (can feel some lumps in the right breast again *sigh*)
12 midnight - 70ml

Total for the day, including estimated 80ml for her 6pm feed, that's 760ml.

Not as great as 2 days before, where the total volume is 830ml, but it's ok. As long as I have enough to give to baby.

It's quite depressing to hear when people talking about pumping 300ml in 15 mins time - I can barely pump 100ml! But, I guess everyone has different production capabilities =(