Monday, April 02, 2007

The last report ...

Yup, that's right, the LAST report - baby's gonna come out tomorrow!

I wasn't feeling very good over the weekend - starting to have headaches and my sudden sensitivity to loud and sharp noises (even the Hubby's whistling grates on my nerves), so I thought, no harm going to see Dr Y today - anyway he did say to go and see him if I wasn't feeling very good. Besides, my BP isn't getting any lower - hovering 130/80 +++ even on medication, so hmmm, with the slight and occasional buzz behind my ears, I decided to take a risk on the 2 hours wait at his clinic just to make sure baby is still doing ok.

I reached there about 1 plus pm, did the usual stuff and since I had like 5 other patients before me (the best guess was a minimum of 1 hour wait), I decided to go shopping (how else to kill 1 hour other than to snore in the clinic, but the seats were not very comfortable for that ;P). Anyway I popped over to Tom & Stefanie and realise "oppps" I forgot to buy some stuff for the baby! So I got the following:

1) Cloth diapers plus liners (1 pack each)
2) Rubber changing mat
3) Cornstarch powder plus powder container

I think this should be sufficient although I did ponder if I should get the bolster and the pillow too! I guess I could get those later after giving birth ... so no hurry ...

So I slowly waddle back to the clinic, resisting the urge to step into Eu Ren Sen to buy more herbal stuff ;P .. boy, was it HOT today ... and the seats inside the clinic were full, so I sat outside and was yawning my head off (with lots of tears!). Finally I had a seat inside so it wasn't so bad, I had some nice cool air blowing on me!

Waited for another 30 minutes (about 3 to 4 more patients in front of me) and finally got to see Dr Y. Took out my records for BP and showed to him, and he said it's not very good - seemingly on the increase. Then I asked him about if I decided to have a C section (having second thoughts about natural birth) and he said that it was possible, but it would have to be really soon, by next week latest. Then he decided to check on baby's weight and guess what, she GAINED 600G! My goodness ... so she's weighing in now at 3.2kg and if it goes on, I would have to go for C section too anyway, because she would be too big for natural birth. He asked me to consider then, if I wanted to go ahead with the C section on wednesday, thursday or even friday. So I said I'll think about it and inform him later. He did tell me that any later, we should do a blood test to make sure that the BP is not affecting the rest of my organs. I told him I'll skip that anyway since it's only a few more days to 1 or 2 weeks.

Then I flipped through my notebook for the things I need to ask/ tell Dr Y (since I am SO forgetful these days) - Dr Y will settle the anesthesiologist, we are storing with Cordlife (the stemcells), and that I was experiencing slight headaches, and my sensitivity to loud and sharp noises. He promptly said that it wasn't good and I should do the C section tomorrow. Now it's my turn to be taken aback - tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?!? He said YES since the symptoms are showing that my BP is affecting my other organs already - anyway I tried to bargain for a few more days and he said the earlier the better - because we never know when I'll throw a fit and put the baby in harm's way (this is despite me promising to take my medication on time!).

So I went out - called my mum and asked her to check which of the 4 days are better, Tuesday to Friday, and she came back with "Saturday". Dr Y refused and said that's too late, even if I took the whole week off and rest at home - "Too risky". *sigh* So I called my mum again, that it had to be Tuesday to Friday, and Saturday is out of the question. The final decision - Tuesday, which means tomorrow. The only final thing to confirm, 8am in the morning or in the afternoon?

This I left to the Hubby to decide, and we had a quick discussion (I already knew his answer anyway) on the way back to my office (he was so sweet to come and pick me up from the clinic). So I announced to my colleagues and I changed the sign on my door - they were surprised by the sudden announcement that I won't be in tomorrow but I guess it should be expected, since they were all betting that I would have to deliver before my planned maternity leave.

So ... I guess I'll post again after the baby pops out ... hopefully everything will go smoothly and I can endure the pain that comes with it!


Meihua said...

Waiting anxiously for baby to arrive!

Anonymous said...

*hugs bunsis*
All the best!

*waits to hug baby niss*