Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2 days to 36th week

Scary - I'm inching closer to the D day and I feel like I'm really inadequately prepared.

The maid issue is partially resolved - met up with the agent today and shortlisted 2 candidates. Let's see how it will work out - hopefully everything will turn out OK *cross fingers* If OK, I'll get the maid by next weekend and she can really help me to clean up the rooms!

I finally recieved my package from USA, containing some pressies for my baby from her baby cousin Emily. It got mis-sent to Osaka, hence the "long" wait. Going to wash it later then pack it into the drawer.

How am I feeling? Erm ... tired and irritated with my bowels/ stomach. I threw up my breakfast/lunch/dinner yesterday in 2 major sessions in the evening and my tummy was aching almost the entire night - all the gas and intestines churning away. This morning had a run, but thankfully that was it. Lunch I took some bee hoon and nothing came out. I took 3 kueh dadahs and 1 fishball later at 3pm (was too hungry) and thankfully it's retained. Came home and cooked instant noodles (100& Ramen) and it seems to be happily digested by my tummy. I just hope it stays that way - for now i'm just slowly pumping in water, to make up for all the water loss.

As for baby, she's busy hiccupping now - she's sluggish today, probably due to a sleepless night (all the rock music from my organs), but if she was restless, I didn't really notice since I'm quite a heavy sleeper when I'm dead beat. With irritated bowels and stomach acting like they did, I am just so exhausted - I'm just glad I didn't had to run to the loo today. I wonder how much weight I've lost and how much weight baby has gained over this last week. Not that my face looks any slimmer though =(