Thursday, March 22, 2007

Report for Week 36

1) My weight remained the same - 70.5kg

2) My little girl gained 200g to weigh in at 2.6kg now (I was worried she would gain another whopping 600g!)

3) My blood pressure, unfortunately, isn't doing as well - it shot up again. Yesterday it was averaging about 150/95. Tonight, it was dinging the alarm bells at 165/107. Since I wasn't aware of the complications of having HBP, Dr Fong did tell us that he's worried that I may have fits, and that would cut off the oxygen supply to the baby. OK, time to put a neon pink sticker to my "what to do if I'm in labour list" in office. SEND ME STRAIGHT TO THE HOSPITAL!

4) Water level in the water bag is still high, which he says is good. He did ask me to walk more to bring about an earlier labour, but I wasn't too keen, since walking up and down the stairs with my swollen feet is quite a painful affair.

5) We talked about labour pains again - since he was saying that I may need to be induced. So i happily said that would mean C-section! He asking why I wasn't keen on natural, so I replied I guessed it's the fear factor of pain. He said there's always epidural. Labour pain will be the MOST painful thing I ever experienced (OK, at least he's a lot more honest about the pain level here than the blood test), nothing compared to the monthly pains I experienced. Then again, that was probably the wrong thing to say to me, since I always feel faint from the pain! So I said, "Won't I then faint from the labour pains???" "Epidural" was his short and sweet answer.

6) We won't know if the baby will be coming early or late, but she's low, very very low.

7) Things to look out for over the next few days - persistent ringing in the ear, headache, blurring of vision, and something else ;P I cannot remember! That happens, to go down to his clinic for a visit.

8) Time to clean up my desk, move everything back into my room, and note down all the outstanding things to be done!

Hopefully my maid comes in by next weekend!