Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The wait ...

*note: this posting can be quite gross!*

After 1.5 days, finally my tummy aches will be gone for good, I hope! I had to rushed to the loo just now, and relief came fast! I just hope this is the last load of crap that has been processed and my system is back to normal. It's just not nice to have a big belly and tummy cramps that keeps me from sleeping well.

Some people have instant gratification, what goes in, if it's wrong, comes out almost immediately. In my case, I always have to think hard and long what I had for the past few days that could have caused the tummy trouble.

It could be anything that I ate on Friday or Saturday - the first runny stools started on Sunday, but only a little. Monday, a bit more, but occasionally tummy cramps and the lethargy kicks in big time. Tuesday, the vomitting, giddiness and the sleepiness. Today, I've been drinking lots of water because the weather is hot and the pee is not the right colour. I thought I must be losing lots of water when the amount that goes in, don't seem to equate that amount that comes out. Then ... the explanation came - the body's saving the water for the last flush :P

The funny thing is, she's a lot more passive today - not so much swishing, nor jabs or kicks. I guess my tummy and the intestines are not making as much noise for the past few days, so she can sleep!

Hopefully this sigh of relief will last, and not replaced by a "oh no!" within the next few hours!

*update* Still running to the loo =(