Sunday, March 11, 2007

Updated - Things to Do

  1. Complete packing the hospital bag *sigh* let just say I'm washing the stuff to pack into the designated bag
  2. To clean out the maid's room and get in new furniture for her - time to go shopping at Ikea! Done partially - the furniture's in but my stuff is still hogging the space
  3. To clean out the nursery room and put up the cutesy pictures I bought - HAHAHAHAH absolutely NOT done
  4. To disassemble cot and reassemble cot when nursery is cleaned out - waiting to clean out the room and to transport the cot parts back
  5. Buy furniture for nursery - mainly drawers and changing pad (white!) - Ikea too! Done - got the chest of drawers that the top can flip open to work as a changing top, not white though. Already packed baby's new towels in it. Now sorting out all the little socks, booties and mittens.
  6. To complete birth plan - to include some other minor details that I think should not be left to my hubby in case I get conked out on the epidural Done Done Done!
  7. Wash and sort out hand-me-downs baby clothes - 80% done! Soaked the whites and pastels and managed to get most of the stains out, left the other 20% coloured clothings to wash, will try to do so by this weekend - left 1 small pack of baby hats
  8. Clean out closet and donate old clothes to Salvation Army - must remember to be "cruel" to my clothes and if the hubby's still not doing it, to clean out his clothes anyway - Er ... let just say I've difficulty in packing even my own things =(
  9. Clean out expired stuff in fridge and around the house - should I wait for the maid to do this? ;P I think I'll wait for the maid :P
  10. Scan baby's pictures - before the hubby says,"But you kept them right?" Now he says he has no scanner *grrr*
  11. Just let me SLEEP ...