Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nesting instinct?

Didin't really had the time to go down to the Baby's Fair at Taka today, just popped by to collect my annual gift from Swarovski and collected the 2007 prices/ product listings. Now I can plan what to use my $250 vouchers for :P

Anyway, I decided I had to get a pair of comfortable and non-slip shoes, and I bought a pair of Birkens ... and it's PINK ... of course the Hubby is complaining about buying excessive shoes as usual, but to me, as long as it's non-slip and comfortable for this last stage, it's worth it! Anyway it's adjustable, so when my swelling goes down, I can always tighten the straps.

Been thinking about packing up the house, and basically that's it. I bought groceries and cleaning products today (over $100 worth) - I guess it's time to throw out my mouldy sauces and what nots ;P in case my maid gets so horrified at what we use for cooking!

I plan to clean out the kitchen tomorrow, followed by the maid's room. Then when the maid arrives, it'll be cleaning out of the baby's room. I really hope baby will just happily continue to hiccup inside my belly till we are ready :P Oh ya, I need get around packing the hospital bag tomorrow!