Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's not HBP!

According to the hubby anyway, he proudly corrected me and said it's "Elevated Blood Pressure". OK, so if the ex-medic says so ;P

Went late to the TCM today and I couldn't get a number to see her (she sees only 100 a day) but they were kind enough to ask me why I needed to see the physician. So I explained that Dr Y had said I had high blood pressure and my swelling due to water retention, in particular my left hand, won't go away. So they asked if I had been eating any particular salty stuff recently (everyone asks that question!) and I said no. It's true because I don't really particular like food on either extreme ends these days, and I don't slurp down the soup even if I take soupy stuff (all MSG!).

So anyway they said she will see me but I'll have to wait till someone misses their turn (as in someone took a number and didn't turn up). Waited for 3 hours and managed to see her. According to the physician, because of my PCOS and my genetic inheritance (tendency towards diabetes and high blood pressure, etc), even if I don't eat the "correct group" of food to trigger the HBP, I would already have the latent tendency to develop the "problems".

Ah well, at least I know baby is healthy and growing well, that's a very good consolation. I've only 4 more weeks to endure the stiff joints and swollen digits/ limbs, but I'm counting down. The good thing is that in this condition, they won't let the baby overstay past its welcome (the full term 40 weeks).