Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Test Run No. 1

We had our first test run to TMC on Sunday - because I thought my water bag might have burst or leaked. I woke up at 5:38am on Sunday morning because I felt some trickle in between my legs - thing is, despite me being a heavy sleeper, I do wake up and visit the loo as often as my bladder needs me to. I did the smell test, amniotic fluid is supposed to have a sweetish smell as compared to urine, which well, smells like urine. What I had a whiff of was best described as carefree's scented panty liner, which I am not using. Anyway, as they all had drilled in during the pre-natal classes, I put on a big overnight pad, in case of futher trickle or the big burst ;P

This is the funny part - I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. So at 6 am in the morning, I was frantically trying to pack my hospital bag - until my hubby complained and asked me to go back to bed. Well, I did eventually, after gathering the basic stuff on the list (had to refer back to my previous posting!), and I conked off till almost 10 am! I checked the pad and it was dry, so anyway we decided to complete packing the hospital bag (ended up using my pink trolley overnight bag) and amazingly everything fitted in, including my hubby's change of clothes! Then we gave a call to Dr Y since we wasn't sure if it was really the water bag or my bladder couldn't wake me up, so he said to go down anyway for a check for just in case.

So we collected the doggies and deposited them at my mum's place enroute to TMC. So I waddle in and sheepishly told the admissions that I wasn't sure if my water bag had burst. So the lady kindly escorted me to the labour ward, and I got asked the same question 4 or 5 times, "do you have the doctor's letter?" I was quite baffled, and asked what letter they were referring to? In anycase, I don't have any and Dr Y did say that TMC will call him directly. So anyway, I had my FIRST ever cervix check and man, it was SO BLOODY PAINFUL! I'll never want to go through another and poor Dr Y is going to get lots of resistance from me! They strapped me up to the monitor (not sure what they are called) and asked me if I felt any contractions, to which I replied in negative.

Then, this midwife who was "watching" over me came back and exclaimed, "You just had a contraction! Did you feel anything?" Again, my reply in negative! She pointed out the monitor picked up that I had a contraction just then, and after a while we got the hang of the contraction thingy - it felt like the urge to go pass motion! The first few times were probably very mild contractions, hence I probably only felt discomfort, but everything was OVERSHADOWED by the after pains of the cervix check. They said it's probably reactive to the cervix check, but at least I know how a contraction is suppose to feel like! I just hope I won't mistake it for wanting to sit on the throne :P

Anyway, after 1 hour, they said I could go back and monitor the situation (I had fallen asleep in the meantime) since it's likely that water bag is still intact.

So what did we do? Went shopping - sorta, the Hubby had to pick up his phone from the repair shop and I picked up a scrapbook from SDU. On the way back, we also picked up the baby cot, and the dearest Hubby will fix it up after we clear out the nursery room tomorrow.

On a scale 1 to 10 for Operation Baby Vanessa, I would say we are around 7. Only problem is still the maid not having arrive and having to pack up both rooms - so hopefully I'll cmplete it by tomorrow.

I've submitted all the necessary forms to the HR today, and starting to complete my handover - I'll start my maternity leave by 9th April provided she doesn't decide to pop out early - just crossing my fingers really. Everyone's betting she's going to come soon, since the lightening is really really very obvious and my tummy is so low now. On a scale of 1 to 10 of how scared I am of the pending childbirth, I'll rank myself at 8 - very apprehensive, very nervous and just plain fearful of the pain =(