Monday, January 22, 2007

Ante-natal Class No 1

Just attended our first lesson on Sunday at TMC - quite happy actually because they taught the hubbies how to give back and leg massages to the wives. I should have went for the class earlier!

In the class, there were other ladies indulging in Coke like me (I don't feel so bad now but the instructed said we need to aviod all carbonated drinks) and there were some asking about eating sashimi and drinking alcohol. I'm just glad I'm already gone for my holiday in Japan and my obgyn gave me quite a leeway in my choice of food/ drinks. Oh and I'm not that late too, some ladies are about as advanced as me, so I don't feel so "slow".

We had 1 free Avent milk bottle (with some Avent brochures but I already bought my Avent electric milk pump and some milk bottles) so now i have a total of 6 Avent bottles. I really need to get down and sort out my baby stuff - I'm getting a bit overwhelmed already. My sis-in-law (hubby's side) asked if we need to borrow anything, but frankly speaking, as usual, I have no clue.

Oh ya, need to pack the hospital bag *argh* Now I'm just pre-occupied with the baby name - I made out a list of names in the family and I'm looking at 23 names (including my MS). Quite a list to filter out *sigh* I'll post up the names after this.