Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The discomfort of a very comfortable baby

I'm not sure how she's curled up in me but it's sure uncomfortable for me. It has been like this for the past few days and it's simply not fun to stand or walk.

My colleagues have told me to coax her gently by talking to her and rubbing my belly. I've tried the method - I guess it only works if she's awake and not zzZzzzZ away.

For now, I just hope the discomfort doesn't increase. Tomorrow it's the routine visit to Dr Y and We'll see how she's lying (I suspect sideways!) and how much she has grown. Frankly speaking, I feel I have lost weight, even my double chin looks smaller - all this despite my Coke chugging habit/ craving.

My appetite has also changed - I tend to prefer soupy stuff now. All the fried and spicy stuff is giving me heartburn *sob* and if I take something really heavy for lunch, I'll prob burp out sometime at 7 or 8 in the evening. To begin with, I already have a weak disgestive system.

What I am looking forward to though, is my first pre-natal massage. I called up after seeing an advert in the magazine and for 50 minutes of massage, I pay $48 (applicable only for 1st timer). Sounds like a good deal and a good way to relax (I can snore my way through a 50 min foot massage too!). I guess it's time to pamper myself a little, before the harsh reality of sleeplessness sets in.

Only 3 months to go ... I'll panic over the weekend and stress my hubby too, if I'm in the mood. I'm actually planning to go and get a facial done on Saturday *wink*