Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The looming doom of the needles

I have this glucose test tomorrow - not sure of the actual test name - but it's suppose to test if I have gestational diabetes.

I am to stop all food and water by 12 midnight, make my way to the clinic tomorrow at 9 plus then (if I am not wrong) 1) take my blood, and drink the sugary solution 2) wait for 1 hour, take blood again 3) wait for another hour, take blood again. All with no other food or drink inbetween. I have a problem too, when I get a sugar high, my head splits apart in the form of a migraine. So the clinic says to remind them to give me a little more water. I am also bringing a sliced lemon, to suck on. I doubt I want to have the sugary taste lingering in my mouth for 2 hours.

It's the needles that's making me quake in my flats. I hate needles, I hate having my blood drawn, I HATE PAIN, period. I just hope I don't scream down his entire clinic.