Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maternity Clothing in Singapore

I have some hand me downs but 1) my sister was so slim (her full term belly = my 6th month belly) 2) my SIL had loan hers to others so I had to wait a little while more to get some clothing from her - so I ended up doing some shopping for maternity clothes (although my sister bought me some new pieces too - I guess, any excuses for shopping ... have you ever been on the Victoria's Secrets website? It's very addictive ... and they accept credit cards from Singapore).

I decided initally to buy some from GAP but after the WORST ever service I encountered, I returned the order, borne return postage as long as I didn't have anything to do with them anymore. And till now, they still have not refunded the credit charges yet. This service from GAP deserve one full posting by itself - if I can bring myself to rant and rave over their lousy servive again.

In the end, I bought some of my maternity clothing from ... VICTORIA'S SECRETS! They were having sale so I bought the babydoll tees, and some tee-shirt bras (my favourite). Some purchases (like the dress) were so-so but generally the babydoll tees were a good buy. The idea was that I could still wear the clothes for normal wear after I've *slimmed* down after pregnancy.

I also purchased my maternity pants - 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of cordroy (?) pants and 1 pair of yoga pants from OldNavy Maternity. I also bought some tee shirt maternity blouses for work and some camis. Generally I consider my buy from OldNavy as the best - because I saw similar stuff sold in a local shops with the pricing doubled (this considering I include shipping costs for my per piece purchase from OldNavy.

Recently, I went shopping again (at Suntec), for CNY clothes and I spent about $400 :P so what did I buy?

The first shop I ventured into was Spring Maternity. Their jeans look like a good buy at $79.90 but I already have mine so I'm good. The rest of the clothes - er ... I thought look pretty blah ... maybe I was looking for brighter colour clothings.

1 dress $79.90 (which is really a maternity dress - you can't use it after the pregnancy as a normal dress)
1 pair of capri pants $39.90

Then I walked a bit more (looking for the loo) and I chanced upon Perfect Mum. Well, this shop looks like a local outfit (meaning more like Far East Plaza kinda shop) so anyway went in to take a look. The sales staff is superb at sales, so while I didn't buy everything they recommended, I came away with

1 dress $79.90 or $89.90 (which I can double as a evening dress or cocktail dress after I return to my normal size) 10% discount
1 black capri pants $39.90 10% discount
1 white capri pants $59.90 10% discount
2 tube tops cum nursing tops (PINK!!! YAY!!!!!!) $39.90 each or $49.90 each (which if I leave the nursing *hole* intact I still can wear as a normal casual top) 10% discount
1 pack of maternity undies (my current undies are getting *tight*) $36.90 no discount
1 strapless nursing bra $25 I think (with 50% discount already)

The Hubby ranted and raved for a while after I came home with the purchases - unfortunately that's the problem with maternity wear in Singapore - expensive investment for such a short period of time (I have slightly more then 2 months to go). The only good thing is really, I try to pick pieces I can wear after the pregnancy as normal wear (I think it will take a LOONNNNGGGG while before I ever get to slim down). Oh the capri pants is all the V front with adjustable straps, meaning all I need is to make it tighter if I want to wear post pregnancy, but it's a comfortable fit - I dun have to worry about the "rubber band" constriction during the last stage of pregnancy.

Don't buy on impulse, just make sure it's not overtly expensive if you are constrained by a budget and do look for pieces that can be worn post maternity.

URL for online maternity shopping site: www.oldnavy.com (only accept US credit cards, else make use of the VPOST concierge services) (only US$5 shipping to any US destination! I use VPOST USA shipping services to Singapore)

URL for online addictive shopping site: www.victoriassecret.com (look out for sales period - best time to pick pieces on sales or take adv of the offer of up to 30% discount or free shipping to any US destination. I use VPOST USA shipping)

Perfect Mum and Spring Maternity (and other shops) is located at Suntec City Mall - 3rd level, just round the corner from Toy R Us.