Monday, January 29, 2007

Ante-nantal Class No 2.

This class was more squeamish than the first - they showed a video on a various types of pain relief. Needless to say, the epidural looks like the most painful pain relief to be administered.

Laughing gas (Entanox I think) looks the simpliest, since it's just inhaling gas at the start of each contractions. The pain relief is of course a lot less than being administered the epidural.

The class also covered some more exercises which we had difficulty in grasping the concepts initally, but after a while, the hubbies were "trained" to helped their wives to do the exercies correctly.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT lessons learnt was how the baby will look like after being delivered. Apparently he or she will be darkish in colour as well as covered in white stuff. The instructor gave us the warning ahead of what to expect, in case we freak out when the baby is placed on us (for bonding). Next week, we will have a glimpse since we will be watching the video on birthing *groan*

Apparently I'll be the perfect candidate for epidural since I have such low threshold of pain - So C or N? *argh*